Saturday, 23 March 2013

Les 100 ciels en 4 liens

Je ne sais pas pourqoui je n'y ai pas pensé plus tot. 
Avant de m'étendre et de m' éparpiller à tout bout de champs, la moindre des choses c'est de me presemter. 
Mais je ne vais pas écrire. On va faire un peu plus fun:

Oui c'est presque tout en Anglais. Mais c'est plus cool en Anglais, non?


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I am a creativity addict. As soon as I gained the ability to string together a sentence or two, I invented stories on the spot to get our local pharmacist to give me sweets. Then I started drawing and painting coming strips for my schoolmates. In my mid teens, I started playing the keyboard, composing and singing. Music is a big part of me to this day. Meanwhile, with a bit of encouragement, I started to dance, then it turned into another passion. I did popping, break dancing, zouking. I won talent contests with the skill. Then I started writing…Dillettante? moi? :P


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