Saturday, 16 February 2013

Escapades de 2012

Mine de rien, j'ai pas mal voyagé l'an dernier...
J'ai beau raler mais la vie fut belle quand même... Ecosse, Gwada, Saint Lucie....Ce fut bien.

Un petit slideshow avec mes photos les moins nulles. La prochaine fois j'en ferai de bonnes!

My 2012 Escapades Slideshow: Rudiano’s trip to 6 cities including Castries was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

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I am a creativity addict. As soon as I gained the ability to string together a sentence or two, I invented stories on the spot to get our local pharmacist to give me sweets. Then I started drawing and painting coming strips for my schoolmates. In my mid teens, I started playing the keyboard, composing and singing. Music is a big part of me to this day. Meanwhile, with a bit of encouragement, I started to dance, then it turned into another passion. I did popping, break dancing, zouking. I won talent contests with the skill. Then I started writing…Dillettante? moi? :P


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